Hop Onboard the Sound-Train

An early phonological awareness and speech sound programme for Nursery with an associated phonics programme for Reception and Keystage 1

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Hop on speech sound learners!


Hop on phonics teachers!


On the Sound Train, each speech sound has its own bright, loveable and memorable character to aid fast association and retention.

There’s a whole train full of friends waiting to help you teach your young learners phonics. Starting naturally with the earliest sound recognition and speech sound creation, the colourful, memorable characters will each help children to learn their sound.

Having a character for each sound ensures that every phoneme is memorised individually and fully along with its associated written grapheme. This creates a better basis for literacy, preventing phonic-based spelling and reading errors.

Welcome aboard!

Why use Sound Train?

The sound train course is a more natural, effective and easily retainable way to teach phonics to early years foundation stage and key stage one learners. It uses cutting-edge linguistic learning knowledge.

It’s fun, too!


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Station 1 (Phonological Awareness and Speech Sounds for Preschool Nursery and Childminders)

All the resources and support you need to teach the Sound Train course at EYFS level.

Station 2 (A Phonics programme for Reception and Key Stage 1)

All the resources and support you need to teach the Sound Train course at KS1 level.

At Brackenwood Infant School we have been using the inspirational and research driven speech, sound and phonics program, Sound-Train, for the past three years. The impact that this fully resourced program has had on the quality of phonics teaching and learning throughout our school has been exceptional and was a huge part of us receiving an Ofsted grading of outstanding in November 2023. The focus that Sound-Train has on children’s early speech development and vocabulary ensures that every child can flourish in phonics, regardless of their starting points, backgrounds or cognitive barriers. The CPD that is provided by the team is exceptional and has enabled the Sound-Train Programme to become fully embedded into our day to day teaching and learning of early reading

Mr Mervyn

Headteacher, Brackenwood Infant School

“Phonics and reading teaching is clearly excellent as my child’s reading, letter formation & writing is amazing!”

Quote from recent parent survey

We introduced our Son to ‘The Little Sound-Train’ a couple of months ago and it quickly became a regular part of our bedtime routine. Our son enjoyed the rhythm of the story and the fun, colourful characters immediately and after a couple of weeks, he was attempting every speech sound and taking great pleasure in practising them and pointing them out in the book. The additional touches, such as the bee that appears on each page or the items of reference in the background have allowed us to explore further and create more opportunities to encourage communication. I would highly recommend this book to any parents of children with speech delays or disorders.

Quote from recent parent survey

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