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Hop on the Sound-Train

“Jump on,
look around,
find a seat and
make your sound.”

Bring Your School or Learning Centre Aboard the Sound-Train

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Sound-Train helps children to identify and create sounds, attaching each phonic sound to a loveable, memorable character to aid retention.

The course uniquely creates a basis for linking speech sounds with reading, writing and spelling. This allows smoother, more joined up development of phonics and literacy.

Station 1 (Phonological Awareness and Speech Sounds for Preschool Nursery and Childminders)

Station One

Designed to engage the early part of each child’s sound recognition and speech sound creation process in a more natural way, and build from there, this course:

• Promotes more rapid and rounded early development.

• Includes unique, memorable characters for each phoneme.

• Lays a solid foundation for more advanced phonic education and later literacy

Station 2 (A Phonics programme for Reception and Key Stage 1)

Station Two

Station two helps children to develop phonics by linking developed speech sounds, familiar objects, engaging characters and written language.

• Ensures identification and repetition of all phonemes.

• Includes unique, memorable characters for each phoneme.

• Encourages early literacy development by building solid grapheme-phoneme correspondence


This Course complies with the statutory requirements of the EYFS 2022 and the guidance provided in Development Matters 2021 and the National Curriculum 2013/14.