Help your little learners get their speech on the right track

Do you have toddlers that are struggling with their speech?


Do they find it challenging to differentiate familiar sounds?


Our free downloadable games can help them master basic speech sounds whilst having fun.


The games will also give you a first-hand experience of how Sound-Train differs from other programmes that rely on phonics to develop early speech.


The secret of language training success starts
before children embark on their phonics journey

At Sound-Train, we believe preschool children need help mastering the basic sounds of speech
before being introduced to any form of phonics learning.

That’s why we have developed a fun, interactive programme that helps youngsters master key speech sounds
before they are asked to put them together into words.

Our unique speech sound development programme is based around loveable cartoon characters that encourage engagement and stimulate learning through repetition and association.

This stimulates each child’s sound recognition and speech sound creation naturally
and lays the foundation for phonic development and later literacy.

“Sound-Train helped our children to learn to read as they sounded out each character. Their speech sounds improved as they talked. Sound-Train was incorporated into our daily provision, and this helped to engage the children, which enabled them to pick up the sounds more easily. We found this programme to be easy to deliver to all our children, SEND and mainstream. The programme proved very useful for those children with speech and language delay and social communication difficulties.”

Lisa Hampson

Early Years Practitioner

Try before you buy!

Fill the form to download the two free games and start the fun.

Before you stop off at Station One and buy your ticket to language training success, download the free games and see how Sound-Train’s unique approach helps your young ones get to grips with making the right sounds.

The games are typical of the activities that you will find in the Sound-Train resources pack.

Our programme is designed for parents, childminders, and nurseries who want to give their toddlers the gift of clear speech and strong language skills. With our expert instruction and engaging activities, your youngsters will have fun learning the skills they need to succeed.



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